About Us

The way we treat each other effects how we think, act, and feel—our mental health. The be nice. program is a powerful way to improve the climate of your school. You have the power to save lives and change your school for the better. Start a be nice. chapter and start planning school-wide activities that will spread awareness of the issue of bullying and the importance of treating people with civility and respect.

The be nice. program was created by the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to promote good mental health at every level. This perspective and focus guides everything that we do. 

The vision of the Mental Health Foundation is to create and inspire communities in which challenges to good mental health are recognized, understood, accepted, and treated.

Our mission is this: In order to ensure every individual is supported in their journey to a full, healthy life, we educate and build awareness throughout the community about suicide prevention and other challenges to good mental health.